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About Glide

GLIDE (PVT) LTD. is a registered Energy Services Company (ESCO) by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Sri Lanka. GLIDE has been in...

Glide Energy Audit

An Energy Audit is a comprehensive assessment of the areas of potential energy saving. Energy audit attempts to balance the total...

Energy Efficiency

When running a business, energy efficiency is critical in proper household management. It will eventually provide your business with a...

Do you know?

For most companies in Sri Lanka approx. 30 – 40% of their monthly electricity bill can be reduced by adhering to good energy management practices.

Upcoming Events

Energy Manager Training Programme (26th February 2016)
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Solar Power Solutions

We now offer solar PV solutions in collaboration with Votum Energy.
Votum-GLIDE Agreement Proposal for Solar PV Installation

The challenge

  • Technical expertise to drive the energy efficient initiatives
  • Additional staff requirement and management time commitment
  • Rapid changes to company’s existing management systems/ processes

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